Nova Southeastern University – Doctor of Physical Therapy
University of Illinois at Urbana – Bachelor of Science: Kinesiology



Devyn believes physical therapists have to look at the whole body and treat it as a system. He guides his patients through the therapy process and implements specific exercises and  manual techniques to facilitate the healing process. Devyn strongly believes in the importance of respecting a patient’s symptoms and using that feedback to drive the intensity of treatment to allow for a proper and adequate healing timeline. Taking time to listen to his patients and find out the true source of the problem allows his patients to acheive success in their treatment regimen. Devyn feels that physical therapy is a powerful  modality in medical care whether it be for chronic pain issues, orthopedic, or post-surgical rehabilitation.

Devyn ensures his patients recieve the best quality care by providing the instruction and motivation to promote change and overall well-being. By treating dysfunctional areas and movements, instead of only the area of pain to restore function, the patient can quickly return to prior levels of activity and prevent recurring injuries with the correct treatment plan. Under Devyn’s care, each and every single patient receives a unique, tailor-made plan of care.



In Devyn’s leisure time, you can find him listening to music or spending time with his two dogs. He enjoys fitness and staying active by hitting the links or finding a hiking trail to explore.



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