Physical Therapy Done Right

At CPC Sport & Spine, our Physical Therapists take pride in creating a professional and personable experience for their patients. We take a hands on, personal approach to your care and support our patients throughout their healing process.

Our treatments are evidence-based, meaning our clinicians address their patient’s established diagnosis as well as the secondary compensatory issues like they body’s response to diagnoses and the way the body changes in response to treatments. Our team also focuses on educating their patients on how to avoid recurring or future injuries as related to the patient’s body type and level of recreational and professional activities.

The Physical Therapy profession has evolved to where there are substantial studies and medical directives that provide our team of clinicians with the most proven and effective methods of treatments.

Meet Our Physical Therapists

Physical Therapy In Action

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We have a new look and want to highlight that our team of DPT level therapists are available to treat virtually all patients. If you have a musculoskeletal injury, orthopedic condition or other physical therapy needs, we are here for you.

We accept most insurance, both government and commercial, work comp and more. Please reach out today and let us help you to be your best!

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