Rotator Cuff Tears

Rotator cuff tears tend to occur in a patient’s dominant arm. Pain, tenderness, weakness of the shoulder, and decreased shoulder range of motion are common symptoms of rotator cuff injuries. The pain associated with rotator cuff injury ranges from mild to severe, and may come on gradually or suddenly. The pain may also radiate through the affected upper extremity.

Activities that involve reaching overhead or behind the back are commonly associated with increased pain. Lifting and pulling activities, as well as lying on the affected shoulder may also result in increased pain. Popping, cracking, or clicking of the shoulder may occur with shoulder movement.


There are various treatment options available for individuals suffering from rotator cuff injuries, ranging from conservative methods including rest and exercise to more aggressive options including steroid injections and surgery. A treatment plan consisting of multiple treatment methods may provide the most benefit for patients suffering from a rotator cuff injury. Patients are encouraged to speak with their physicians to come up with a comprehensive treatment plan for their condition.