Platelet Rich Plasma Injections (PRP)

Platelet-rich plasma injections use autologous blood (patient’s own blood) which is then prepped by the clinic to produce growth factors from the platelet rich content. These growth factors help the body repair injury and restore functionality by promoting physiological wound healing and regeneration. The blood flowing through our veins is full of really important cells that keep us alive and well. Those cells are suspended in plasma; the straw colored fluid that permits blood to circulate through the body. A crucial component of plasma that allows us to respond to and heal from injury are platelets. Platelets are incredible little cells that don’t just cause clots to control excessive bleeding; they contain within them a bundle of ingredients that are critical for the healing process. They promote positive inflammation, provide growth factors and even energy in the form of ATP – which is like high octane fuel for cells! Think of platelets like a super fertilizer that helps seeds grow fast. By drawing some blood and putting it into a special centrifuge system, your doctor can concentrate the platelets and isolate them into Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP to be targeted right into the site of an injury.