I would want someone who was in the same position I was in a year ago to be able to read my experience and think, "Wow! Maybe there is hope!" My regained quality of life is nothing short of a miracle. I owe Colorado Pain Care and CPC Physical Therapy my life, literally. Their multi-faceted approach works and is truly a blessing. Going to physical therapy weekly, getting injections, and going to regular clinical visits has all been working TOGETHER. If I were doing one without another, I don't know if I would be as progressed as I am now. Being able to walk without assistance is something I have taken for granted. NOT ANYMORE! Without this program, I would be sitting in my chair, depressed, crying. I never knew how pain could affect my mental health. Because of CPC and physical therapy, I have found my smile again. Thank you so much for educating me and guiding me on my road to recovery. I completely understand what is going on in my body and CPC has my eternal gratitude. Blessed to have you!! 
Gina M.
During May of 2015, I was involved in an automobile accident which resulted in badly hurting my neck. After going to physical therapy for several months in hopes of healing my neck, my rotator cuff ended up tearing due to my neck injury. This caused me to be more disabled than I ever imagined. You never know what muscles and limbs you take for granted until you have absolutely no use of them and are in extreme pain. I couldn't sleep, drive, walk my dog, put on a coat, get dressed, spend time in my garden, or even pick up the coffee pot to pour myself a cup. My quality of life was zero to none as my shoulder and neck pain was so intense. I knew I DID NOT want any sort of surgery, so I started exploring all avenues. I found Dr. Jason Krutsch at Colorado Pain Care in 2016 and started doing trigger point injections in my neck region to combat my pain in my neck and in my shoulder cuff. The trigger point injections helped to alleviate my pain. We started discussing the benefits of stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine during one of my visits, and I decided to give it a try. I researched the procedure and knew the pros and cons associated with it. I had the procedure in December 2017, and a mere 24 hours after my stem cell therapy injections, I was still a little sore from the injection site, but 95% of my injury pain was gone! It was truly miraculous! All the horrendous pain was gone that I had been battling before. I kept going to physical therapy to make sure I could regain mobility, and sure enough -- I did. I can now lift my arms, drive comfortably, sleep soundly, dry my hair after showering and style my hair, ride a bike, throw a ball, and now lift up the coffee pot without any pain or discomfort! I am back to Pilates and can enjoy my book club time without the stress of my painful shoulder and neck. A HUGE thank you to Dr. Krutsch for giving me back my quality of life, and letting me get back on track!!!
Bonnie Neiheisel
Most compassionate, kind & knowledgeable doctor ever! I traveled all the way back from Alabama to have a back procedure. I had always previously used sedation because I was anxious. Because I was flying out the next day, I went without the sedation this time. OMG, what a gentle doctor. He told me if I felt uncomfortable at all to let him know and he would slow down the injection. Completely painless. And I have no pain in my neck, left or right arms. I love all of the staff at Colorado Pain Care! Thank you!
Rose Strotman
After suffering for 17 years and a botched spinal fusion, I finally found CPC and Dr. Jason Krutsch who fixed my back, shoulder blades, and rotator cuffs! I felt so weighed down and exhausted before I found this clinic!
Anna Krummer
Compassion and care run deep in this practice. I've been a chronic pain patient for over 30 years due to several spinal fusions, DDD, osteoporosis, arthritis (osteo and RA), lumbar stenosis, scoliosis and related issues.  I've been to several pain clinics and I can say, without a doubt, that Colorado Pain Care is the best pain management practice in the state.  I was a patient at the pain clinic where CPC is now occupying in Golden.  I had no idea at the time that I had options other than prescription pain killers to help with my pain.  I was on a ridiculously high dosage of opiates for several years.  When CPC came into play, I was advised of the other modalities available that would assist in my pain management.  Over time, I've developed an amazing relationship with Dr. Krutsch and Rachael, my PA.  They have willingly and graciously walked out the journey of my getting off of the opioids completely.  The nerve blocks, steroid injections and ablations on my spine have helped tremendously.  The faces of a chronic pain patient vary.  Whether I'm laughing or in tears, the procedural team are like none other.  The level of compassion and sincerity that they put into their profession is second to none.  The clinic side is excellent as well.  I've had the pleasure of working with several of the doctors and PAs and can truthfully say that I would refer anyone I know to this practice, without hesitation.  The office staff is excellent as well.  Always pleasant and helpful.  This is not a pill mill.  They are extremely cautious and responsible.  I'm so grateful that I found the diamond in the rough with respect to great providers!
Stella Hall
CO Pain appointments are doctor visits I really look froward to! The pain relief - and hope - that they provide is of enormous benefit to me. I really appreciate the entire staff - from the folks at the front desk - to the nurses - to the doctors who provide direct services. I cannot say enough about the quality of care I have been receiving. Thank you so much!!
Steven Zucker
Dr. Krutsch and his staff are amazing. If it wasn't for Dr. Krutsch I wouldn't be walking today. Thank you to each and everyone of you.
Tracy Hunter
Third time into this facility, and I continue to be impressed. The entire team is empathetic, fast, and professional. Dr. Krutsch is awesome. He genuinely cares and goes out of his way to make you feel like he's your buddy, and truly wants you to be rid of the pain. It's quite unusual with most doctors.
Sam Dantzler
Dr. Krutsch was amazing. The results from Regenerative Therapy exceeded all my expectations. I was back up and fully functional in two weeks, and back at the gym in four weeks!
David Oskirko
Thank you Dr. Krutsch for helping me with my pain.
Annette M.
I really am shocked that every experience I have with this team is exceptional. They know I'm coming, call me by name, and I'm in and out FAST. Dr. Krutsch is super cool and personal. On top of it all, the treatments really provide relief. Can't thank you enough...
Sam D.
After having chronic pain for 11 years, the impact of Colorado Pain Care has been huge. Dr. Krutsch is great at his job and comforting during treatments. I haven't had this level of pain free life in years and I would send any one of my friends or family to them without hesitation.
Christine Scott
I’m so pleased with Dr Krutsch. He did my Botox injections and my pain was very minimal. Courteous and respectful.
Sonia Mejia
I am a 90-year-old senior, surgery was not an option for me. Dr. Krutsch has given me back my quality of life. My daily pain has lessened since my appointments for steroid injections. Bless Dr. Krutsch and his entire staff -- they are amazing, very professional, kind, and friendly.
Pam Bliss
They have the BEST providers! They listen to you and help you in many ways. My doctor and nurse practitioner is kind, compassionate and empathetic.
Yvonne Miller
Very happy with all the treatments and excellent staff and the nurse practitioners who spends the necessary amount of time discussing options.
Mark Gum
"The doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants are great -- they inform and listen!"
Robert Lewis
Tammy really takes the time to answer all my questions and she genuinely cares about her patients. I'm lucky to have Colo Pain Care in my corner!
Mark Hancock
Tammy reviewed my medication and answered all my question with respect and was very sensitive given my past medical history. We spent ah appropriate amount of time discussing all issues regarding my pain management and she remembered I had a dog and took the time to talk about her with me.
Diana Mustafa
The whole entire staff has my gratitude and thanks! Tammy is an absolutely fantastic provider!
Ron Grazier