"Dr. Moghim is one of the most caring Doctors I have ever had. His staff and His thinking outside of the box has brought me back from feeling like I was going to a wheelchair to going to a Dancehall , I thought sure I was going to have a knee replacement of my right knee, and with two minor procedures, I’m up walking without assistance. I can’t say enough about Colorado Pain Care. If you really truly want relief from the agonizing pain this is the place to go! They will get you on track to feeling like yourself again. The nicest thing is everything is in one location. If you need physical therapy just go up one floor and again you will have people who really care and want you to get on the move again. Dr. Moghim thank you from the bottom of my heart I’m looking forward to seeing you soon, Frank Mathis PS, Looking forward to my next procedure!"
Frank M.
Cynthia S.
Brittny P.
Diane D.
My provider Jenelynn is very intuitive and she handles all my concerns very professionally.
Jimmy Candelaria
Everyone was so wonderful at the physical therapy clinic. I’m very happy with everything and everyone there! Thank you so much!
Alicia Kelly
Dr. Krutsch and this facility are the best I have ever been to. I would highly recommend both of them to anyone and everyone. So if you are in pain, do yourself a favor, make the call to Dr. Krutsch and this facility.
Joedy Gardner
The staff always takes the time to listen to my problems (aches and pains) and offers a solution. I have never been disappointed when I come into your office. THANKS TO ALL OF YOUR STAFF....
Cynthia C.
My doctor was very courteous and answered all my questions. The front desk and medical staff were very nice and helpful.
George M.
"Thank you for treating us with kindness."
Fred A.
"Rebecca is always professional, friendly and helpful. She really listens too."
Lauralee W.
"Everyone was so courteous and professional. Rebecca was very kind, empathetic, and a good listener. This clinic treats you like a person, not a number. I would highly recommend!"
Hyun Kim
I am so pleased with my choice of Colorado Pain Care. It is worth the drive from Colorado Springs. The physical therapy department is amazing, as well. Everyone truly cares about your health, and are willing to help you find the best way to decrease your pain in natural ways, without increasing pain meds. I highly recommend Colorado Pain Care!
Pamela Chaffin
I have dealt with my fair share of doctors since first having facial nerve surgery in 2007, and I can tell you they are some of the best doctors I have worked with in years. The same sentiment applies all across the board -- from the clinic staff to the OR staff. The staff truly listen and don't just go through the motion like other doctor's offices. At Colorado Pain Care, they make sure their patients are the number one priority, and their doctors personally check on their patients after every single appointment. They have helped treat me since August of 2017 for migraines, trigeminal neuralgia, cervical radiculopathy, cervical spondylosis, and shoulder pain. I was specifically referred to Colorado Pain Care and am happy I was. My pain started due to TMJ, and I was initially taking oral medications for it. During this time, I became a zombie always in a fog, and didn't like it. I decided to try out Botox for my migraines and found success doing that. When I came here, I started radiofrequency ablations for my facial pain and they were effective. Since starting these procedures, I have become able to work longer and more efficiently without having to take medicine for pain or be in pain all day. The injections are a great alternative choice between oral medications and spine fusion surgery. Thank you to Colorado Pain Care!
Jay Donohue
For 20 years, I have been crippled with fibromyalgia, leading to hip pain and lower and upper back pain. My condition has subsequently caused me to have sleeping and walking problems. Before the help of Colorado Pain Care, I couldn't walk more than half a mile at a time, and even that was a struggle. I had no mobility and was losing faith in myself, leading to a downward spiral of depression and sleeping almost  20 hours a day. After being treated with injections and nerve ablations, I can now sleep soundly through the night and not wake up in pain. Since my successful ablations, I have started walking up to two miles at a time each day, and never take a day or an activity for granted anymore. Though injections do not work the same for everyone, Colorado Pain Care will make sure to find a plan that is perfectly suited to you and your preferences. Overall, I have a better quality of life and enjoy doing things I used to enjoy doing such as reading and being asleep for excessive amounts of time. To help my injections and back pain, I have also been going to physical therapy for the past 8 months, and am going to continue to keep going. Staying active and mobile has helped the injections work optimally and helps my fibromyalgia flare ups. If you want to find a place to change your life and handle your pain better, I highly recommend Colorado Pain Care.
Mary Dove Peterson
  For 15 years, my life has been controlled by my back pain due to spinal stenosis. My spinal stenosis was so debilitating I couldn’t walk upright, had to hunch over with my knees bent, and shuffle my feet anytime I moved around. Throughout the day, it would get progressively worse, and most often by the end of the day, I would be unable to walk even a few short steps without stopping to hunch over my cane. After taking oral medication for years to help ease the pain, my doctor suggested I was a good candidate for Vertiflex. The entire staff was always patient with me, never made me feel rushed, and answered all my questions competently. On the same day as my procedure, I felt IMMEDIATE relief as I left the surgery center and was able to walk completely upright into my house without zero medication for the first time in years! Since my procedure six weeks ago, my life has changed completely. I now feel like I am back to my old self – I can go to the grocery store, effortlessly walk up and down stairs, and walk leisurely for exercise. I can now enjoy time with my grandchildren and play around with them. I am now regaining strength in my back and leg muscles through continued physical therapy twice a week. The physical therapist has been strengthening muscles I hadn’t been using for years due to my spinal stenosis and overcompensation from other muscle groups. CPC's physical therapy team are confident and skillful while also providing a warm, encouraging environment in the PT clinic, leading to maximum comfort for patients. They know my body’s boundaries and do not push me to the limit or rush me. I consider CPC my superhero for the rest of my life because he has totally cured me of my perpetual back pain from spinal stenosis. The entire staff at Colorado Pain Care, from authorizing my insurance to checking me out of the clinic, has been absolutely amazing in customer service and care. I want someone reading this to know there is hope out there for back pain and spinal stenosis, even if you are 80 years old like me! There are amazing people at CPC ready and willing to help you! Thank you to the whole team at Colorado Pain Care!
Ginny Stark
I cannot tell you what a personable medical professional Dr. Jason Krutsch is. From the moment I first met him at my initial appointment, he was phenomenal and focused. When he comes into the exam room or to perform your procedure, he makes sure you know you are his ONLY priority and takes however much time that may be needed. Dr. Krutsch never seems distracted or rushed with his patients, and it is truly appreciated. I have been a patient of his now for 3 years and his work ethic, along with the entire staff, is exceptional. If he and the team at Colorado Pain Care can’t fix it, nobody can. In the fall of 2015, I was referred to Colorado Pain Care for my chronic back pain. My vertebral discs had become misshapen, and I decided to try pain management instead of surgery. I met with Dr. Jason Krutsch who discussed multiple treatment plans and options for my pain. At one point I also mentioned I had suffered from headaches and migraines for a long period of time, and he suggested I try Botox injections for relief. I began getting back injections every two weeks and found relief. I had nerve blocks and radiofrequency ablations performed by Dr. Krutsch up until the back surgery I had scheduled for fall 2016. After having surgery, I returned to Colorado Pain Care for medication management and continued to be treated for my migraines. I no longer suffer from pain in back or SI joints, and the Botox for my migraines makes them extremely tolerable now. Before getting Botox treatments, I wouldn’t be able to live functionally as I would have to be isolated due to my headaches, and now I am no longer impacted by bright light or sounds on a regular basis. They are much more manageable now, thanks to the help of Colorado Pain Care!
Cheri Hardin
The entire team was amazing and the spinal cord stimulator trial is going great! Thank you Patty, Laura, Monica, Michele, and of course, Dr. Krutsch!!! You guys rock!
Christopher B.
Dr. Krutsch is the best in pain care in Colorado by far! I have tried a myriad of remedies for migraines over the years- you name it, i have tried it! - but Dr. Krutsch has provided the only cure. His warm and professional manner belies the fact that he is a genius at what he does. If you have pain and in particular migraines, this is the person to see and Colorado Pain Care is the place to go!
Jeff M.
I have had several treatments here and am always treated with great care and respect. It is much appreciated.
John Smith