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Chronic pain is a complex phenomenon that affects your body in a multitude of ways.  That is why many pain clinics use a holistic team approach to providing pain relief that may include treatment by physicians, psychologists and physical therapists. This multi-layered treatment methodology offers a comprehensive solution that remedies multiple aspects of your pain condition.

Among the most important of these treatment solutions is physical therapy which uses a variety of techniques to mitigate pain symptoms as well as restore any functionality that may have been compromised by the health condition. Physical therapy offers one-on-one time with an experienced health professional who can provide important insights into your medical condition, how best to treat it, and what steps to take to prevent a future relapse.

Any physical therapy program will seek to offer lasting pain relief, and one of the primary techniques is strengthening and stretching key areas of your body.  Depending on what your pain condition is and what is causing it, your physical therapist can design a personalized program that remediates the underlying injury, the pain symptoms, or secondary conditions that may arise due to the chronic pain. For example, if you are suffering from back pain, then your physical therapist may recommend techniques like yoga to stretch tense muscles and strengthen the musculature supporting your spine.

The initial part of physical therapy should include a thorough evaluation of your current physical condition and your medical history.  Your therapist should explain why certain pain relief techniques are included in your personalized physical therapy program, which should provide you with some knowledge as to why you should do these exercises and how to optimize them for peak results.

In addition to a suite of exercises performed with your therapist or independently, your therapist may include other therapeutic methods like manual manipulation.  One of the more popular and effective techniques is trigger point massage, also known as acupressure.  This therapy uses vigorous pressure, rubbing or rhythmic tapping to loosen muscles that are causing the pain or are painfully contracted as a result of the pain condition. This should produce relaxation, an endorphin release, and improved circulation that promotes healing.

In addition to offering a better understanding of how your body responds to pain and some of the most important ways to combat that pain, physical therapy also is a proven method of improving your quality of life.  For most people struggling with chronic pain, the natural response is to stay in bed. While this may assist in initially healing an injury, it can often do harm to your body if continued too long.  Prolonged inactivity may lead to joint stiffening, muscle loss and social isolation that can dramatically limit your ability to function.

Physical therapy will help restore some or all of this lost functionality.  Insightful understanding of how to maintain your body for peak performance combined with effective pain relief techniques should help motivate you to regain any reduced capabilities and make your life a bit more enjoyable. To find out more about physical therapy solutions offered at Colorado Pain Care, click this link today!!


Article written by: Dr. Robert Moghim – CEO/Founder Colorado Pain Care

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