Your Pain Relief is Our Passion

Colorado Pain Care treats each patient with the same care we would want for our own family. Founded on the promise of H.O.P.E., we provide honest, objective, personalized, and empathetic care from the area’s top physicians and providers.

Our award-winning team of pain specialists provides comprehensive treatment for chronic and acute pain using state-of-the-art techniques and diagnostic tools. We offer friendly evaluation, effective treatment, and follow-up care for a variety of pain conditions such as herniated discs and complex regional pain syndrome (RSD, Causalgia). We also offer promising and cutting-edge options like stem cell and regenerative therapies.

Dr. Jason Krutsch, Dr. Robert Moghim and our team of Nurse Practitioners are among the best in their field of pain management. This team conducts cutting-edge diagnostics and testing that is enhanced by our affiliations with some of the areas best laboratories, hospitals, and award-winning specialists.

Colorado Pain Care treats each patient with an interdisciplinary approach that is critical to our patients’ relief from pain. We examine the physical, functional, emotional, and psychological needs of the patient, and are able to craft an individualized treatment plan based on their needs.