Arthritis is an often-painful disorder that can reduce normal movement and function. It can impact some or all of the bones, joints, and muscles in the body, and also tissues that support or connect these, such as cartilage. Arthritis is a term covering a multitude of conditions with similar symptoms and causes that can affect people of all ages. Some types of arthritis are associated with certain age groups, but others can affect people of any age.

Many kinds of arthritis may result in the significant loss of mobility or normal function, due to the pain and other symptoms they may cause. This disorder in all its forms is an increasingly prevalent healthcare and economic concern, affecting ever-growing numbers of people by the year.

A variety of treatment options do exist to help manage pain and inflammation. Typically, conservative treatment methods include medication, exercise, physical therapy, and hot and cold compresses. Patients with more severe or chronic symptoms may be advised to undergo more invasive treatment options including corticosteroid injections, medial branch blocks, and possibly surgery.

Most cases of early stage arthritis can be successfully managed with conservative treatment options. Early diagnosis and treatment is essential for optimal treatment outcomes. Speak with our doctors if you begin to experience any joint pain or stiffness, as these may be indications of the early stages of this painful condition.