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Cervical Injuries

The cervical vertebrae are the seven bones in the neck (C1-C7) between the thoracic vertebrae (upper back) and head. This area of the body contains muscles that protect the vertebrae and associated nerve roots. Cervical injuries can affect the muscles, nerves, and vertebrae of this region.

Cervical injuries broadly include any injury to the vertebrae, muscles, or nerves at the back of the neck. These injuries may be acute injuries, injuries due to chronic wear and tear, or age-related degeneration. Neck strain, weak muscles, and poor posture may all contribute to a person’s chance of sustaining a cervical injury. Treatments vary by the type and cause of the cervical injury. Treatment options include anti-inflammatory medications, nerve blocks, physical therapy, or surgery. Consult your physician for help in evaluating your particular cervical injury and to develop the best treatment plan for you.