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Testicular Pain

Pain in the testicles, or testicular pain, is a relatively common condition in men that can be the result of several different causes. The pain can be acute, or starting suddenly and resolving over a couple weeks or months, or it can be chronic in nature. In some cases the pain can be low intensity and it can be resistant to treatment. The cause of pain will determine the treatment options available and the potential that the pain can be successfully managed.

Causes include injury, infection, testicular torsion or infarction, rupture or infection related to a varicocele, or hydrocele. Over the long-term, chronic testicular pain can point to prostatic inflammation, enlargement, or malignant tumors. These chronic pain conditions may be treated with nerve blocks in the lumbar or sacral spine areas, radiofrequency ablation, or spinal cord stimulation. Although painful and distressing, most testicular pain conditions are treated successfully.

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