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Motor Vehicle Injury

The most common type of pain arising from a motor vehicle accident is neck and back pain, mostly involving the cervical and lumbar facet joints (the space connecting two contiguous bone or vertebra). The next most common form of pain that arises from motor vehicle accidents results from damage to the protective discs between the cervical and lumbar vertebrae. Some patients are diagnosed with both following a motor vehicle accident. Other motor vehicle injuries that are common after an incident include head injury, internal bleeding, damage to skin, soft tissue and muscle, ligament damage, bone fractures (compression fractures), and damage to the spine. Motor vehicle injury patients are also at risk from psychological disorders, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and severe stress, which are reported as potentially detrimental to recovery from pain.

Common conditions that occur after motor vehicle accidents include whiplash and intervertebral disc injuries and the pain associated with these conditions can persist for years after the accident. There are numerous treatment options for pain associated with motor vehicle injury. Speaking with your doctor will help to determine what the best treatment plan is for your condition.