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Headache is a term that is generally applied to pain that involves the head or cranium, which can be short term (or acute in nature) or chronic (lasting for months). There are various types of headaches such as those that are primary in nature. These include cluster-type, tension-type, and migraines with each classification having its own symptom patterns and characteristics. Primary headaches are headaches that have no other underlying cause and are the primary source of the pain. As opposed to primary headaches, secondary headaches are also a source of pain. Secondary headaches are a result of existing illness or pathology such as a neck or cervical abnormalities, meningitis or brain aneurysm.

There are many treatment options depending on the class of headaches, which include but are not limited to oral medication, nerve blocks, ablation therapy, physical therapy, and neuromodulation. Call 303-GOT-PAIN (468-7246) to talk with one of our pain specialists today to get relief from your headaches!