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Dupuytren’s Contracture

Dupuytren’s contracture is another condition that affects the hand; however, it is a deformity that usually develops slowly and is usually painless. Dupuytren’s contracture affects the layer of tissue that lies under the palmer fascia. The tissue under the skin becomes thickened and knotted. Eventually thick cords form under the surface of skin on the palm. These have the ability to pull fingers into a bent position towards the palm. The most commonly affected fingers are the ring finger and pinky finger. Occasionally, the middle finger may become affected. Dupuytren’s contracture rarely affects the thumb or index finger. When the fingers are affected by Dupuytren’s contracture, they cannot be straightened completely. This can interfere with normal everyday activities, including writing, shaking hands, and putting on gloves.

While Dupuytren’s contracture is not painful, it can severely limit an individual’s ability to perform simple tasks, such as writing. The Colorado Pain Care physicians can provide a variety of treatment options for Dupuytren’s contracture and the prognosis is very good for patients suffering with this condition.